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Robert Barnheiser Press Release US Senate 2018

November 28, 2017 952.443.3225

MINNEAPOLIS, MN — As 2017 quickly comes to a close, a second Republican candidate has quietly entered his name into the 2018 U.S. Senate bid. Make no mistake, although his submission has been quiet, early devout supporters of Robert Barnheiser suggest there is nothing quiet about him. His campaign adds, “We have deliberately stayed under-the-radar. Robert Barnheiser is emerging as the unlikely non-politician candidate who intends to end Amy Klobuchar’s 12-year reign in the U.S. Senate and we are confident he is the candidate to do it.”

Robert is adamant, “Amy Klobuchar’s serving for potentially 18 years is simply too long—there is a reason our Founding Fathers were in favor of term limits.” Barnheiser continued, “Amy has had her chance to work on behalf of Minnesotans and quite frankly, she appears to have lost touch with what we need and it’s understandable because she has had a life of privilege. She cannot relate to the average Minnesotan. I am a middle class, Father of 5–Bonus Dad of 4 more, who has worked tremendously hard as a small business owner simply to keep my employees employed. It shouldn’t be this difficult for small businesses to survive. I am not a
politician—I’m like so many other fed-up Minnesota citizens. We understand what our U.S. Senate Representatives have been missing. We deserve better and who’s better to represent Minnesotans than someone like me who personally understands our struggles here in Minnesota?”

Barnheiser is both a former Minister and volunteer Firefighter who continues to be a long-standing volunteer in his community as a Boy Scout Leader and Youth Athletic Coach. Barnheiser said just as he was called to become a Minister, this new role in serving people was not something he originally sought out, the calling came to him.

“I had become extremely active in our last Presidential Election. People asked me to speak and this entire campaign snowballed from there. I am accustomed to serving. This is a new arena for me, but I am confident in my abilities and exceptionally grateful for those whom have asked me to step up and have shown me immense support. Just as I have served in so many other capacities in my life, running for U.S. Senate has nothing to do about me, this is for all of us. I know I can fight for what Minnesotans deserve and it’s not what we have been receiving these past two terms with Amy.”

Barnheiser supports putting an end to what he calls the current “Tax and Spend” philosophy. “I intend to fight for a better Minnesota, for all Minnesotans, by advocating for bigger paychecks, less taxes, repealing the Affordable Care Act, simplifying the tax code and tackling our unacceptable National debt crisis.” 2018
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